Monday, January 6, 2014

The Rain Project: An R-based Open Source Analysis of Publicly Available Rainfall Data

Rainfall data used by researchers in academia and industry does not always come in the same format. Data is often in atypical formats and in extremely large number of files and there is not always guidance on how to obtain, process and visualize the data. This project attempts to resolve this issue by serving as a hub for the processing of such publicly available rainfall data using R.
The goal of this project is to reformat rainfall data from their native format to a consistent format, suitable for use in data analysis. Within this project site, each dataset is intended to have its own wiki. Eventually, an R package would be developed for each data source.
Currently R code is available to process data from three sources - Climate Prediction Center (global coverage), US Historical Climatology Network (USA coverage) and APHRODITE (Asia/Eurasia and Middle East).

The project home page is here -
If you are aware of other sources and would like to add them to this list (and/or would like to add the R code) please let me know. Any other comments or help appreciated.


Ivan Hanigan said...

This is a great initiative thanks.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has generated a range of gridded meteorological datasets for Australia as a contribution to the Australian Water Availability Project (AWAP).

I'm developing an R package to download and format the AWAP grids.

Binaries available from

More info is available

The documentation of the data creation is at

Gopi Goteti said...

Thanks Ivan! I added your site to the "Under Construction" list on the project page -

Yi.Tang@Uni said...

Hi, is currently down?

ps: I am a CAT modeller in UK and R programmer. I found your R packages are very interesting. potentially can be used in my work.

Gopi Goteti said...

Yi, I deleted the rain project on GitHub because of reasons I can only explain in person. I hope to include all of the rain project stuff into the raincpc package one day.


Ivan Hanigan said...

Hi I am sorry to hear this. I hope this is not a big problem and your work continues to develop well?

All the best.

Ivan Hanigan said...

Hi Just checking in on the status of this.
I hope you are going well and able to work on the raincpc package again with us?

All the best,